Are You Ready to Write Your Book? To help you focus on what you need, here are a few questions to consider:
  • What is your goal for the book?
  • Why do you want to write the book?
  • What is your vision? What is God showing you? What is it about?
  • What do you want to achieve by writing this book?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice to write your book?
  • How much time are you willing to give?
  • What problem (s) do you promise to fix?
  • Why is it important that your target audience read your book?
  • What result do you want your readers to achieve from reading your book?
  • How will your book help your target audience?
  • What advice or solution do you want to offer your target audience?
  • Visualize the face of your reader before he/she reads your book. Get a clear picture and hold the image in your memory. Now visualize your reader’s face after she/he reads your book. Get a clear picture and compare it with “before.” How has the image changed? Explain it in your own words.
  • How will God use this book to transform your target audience?
  • Write a 250- to 400-word mission statement that:
*clarifies the vision that God has given you

*clarifies the purpose of this book

*tells your reader why you must share your info with them

*makes readers feel your passion and commitment

*I want to help_____________________________________________.

I want to take action to solve ________________________________________.

Please give these questions serious thought and pray before answering them. They will help us guide your coaching sessions and help you start on the right path.